Food & Accommodation

friendly, relaxed and easy

We offer a personal service that you won't nd in larger hotels. Our aim is simply to provide a perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy the abundant nature all around you.

A taste of Sri Lanka

If you want the shortest possible trip back to your room afterwards, we can offer some pretty fine dining here at home! Is it combination of Eastern flair and Western sophistication-or just our love of food and delight in sharing our enjoyment with others? Try us and decide for yourselves!

Offering a terrace with garden views, each air-conditioned bungalow has a seating area and outdoor dining area. Free wi , safe and minibar are included. Large bathroom comes with a shower with a natural stone floor and hairdryer.

Pool towels, daily housekeeping and Luggage storage are provided

Breakfast is complimentary and packed breakfast offered for early safari, lunch and dinner menu available at extra cost.

» Free WIFI
» Telephone access

» Laundry service
» Tuk Tuk for day trips

» A/C car or van for taxi
» Safari Trips, Yala, Uda Walawe and Bundala.

Our Menu

One of the Best Bungalows In Sri Lanka

Eat your way


Big breakfast 2800rs Complimentary all Direct Bookings
Tea or coffee as much as you want
Fresh fruit plate or fruit juice
Toast home made Jam

Cereal cornflakes, blueberry morning or coco flakes with milk or buffalo curd

Crispy bacon and sausage with fried eggs and grilled tomato

Baked beans on toast

2 Eggs poached, scrambled, fried or boiled

Pancakes with kitul syrup

Omelettes Sri Lankan style with green chilli, tomato and red onion, cheese, ham or mushroom

Recommendation (order night before)
Traditional Sri Lankan Curry Breakfast

Breakfast without fruit 1800rs
Tea or coffee as much as you want
Toast home made Jam
Any main course including Sri Lankan breakfast

Light breakfast 1100rs
Tea or coffee as much as you want
Fresh fruit plate or fruit juice
Toast home made Jam

*Plus 10% service charge

1800 RS
Sweet Courses

Banana split With vanilla ice cream Warm chocolate fudge cake With vanilla ice cream

Tropical fruit sundae Tropical fruits layered with vanilla, chocolate and mango ice cream

Sri Lankan pancakes Stuffed with fresh coconut syrup and cinnamon served with vanilla ice cream

Banana fritters Served with Kitul syrup and vanilla ice cream

Fresh buffalo curd Drizzled with runny jaggery treacle

Coffee caramel cream Eggs mixed and baked with cream

ice cream Mango, vanilla and chocolate

Specials (minimum of 2-3 hours notice) 2200rs
Fresh coconut ice cream

Pineapple Parfait Fresh pineapple crushed with sweetened coconut and vanilla ice cream layers

Watalappan Sri Lankan Classic dessert, delicious and creamy baked cardamom sliced coconut custard and sweetened with unrefined sugar

*Plus 10% service charge


Soft drinks 450rs

Light cola 720rs

Ginger Beer 630rs

Milk shake 1100rs
Mango when in season

Fruit Juices 1100rs
Tropical fresh fruit
Orange juice
Lime soda with fresh mint

Speciality tea and coffee 1100rs
Iced tea with fresh lime
Iced milk coffee
Pot of green tea or Pot fresh ginger tea
Cup of Herbal tea

Small plastic bottle water 450rs

Large Carafe glass bottled water 540rs

Large beer 900rs

Small Beer 720rs

Bottle house wine 6000rs
Red or white wine

Glass of house wine $1650
Red or white

Arrack 50ml shot 1400rs

Local spirits 50ml shot 1650rs
White rum

Specials 1800rs
Arrack Cocktail, with pineapple and passion fruit
Gin Sour with soda and fresh lime
Mocktail with mixed tropical fruit

*Plus 10% service charge


sandwiches - with handcut chips and salad garnish 1800rs
Tuna with red onion and cucumber
Cheese with tomato or red onion
Ham with chutney
BLT bacon, lettuce and tomato
Egg mayonnaise
Sausage with spicy onion

Specials 2200rs
Club style layers of toasted bread with beef, chicken, fried egg, cheese and salad

omlettes - with hand cut chips and salad garnish 750 rs
Sri Lankan style with chopped onion, tomato and fresh green chili

chef signature omlette 800 rs
Chef club sandwich slayers of toasted bread with beef, chicken, fried egg, cheese and salad
Fresh prawn and seafood mayo
Home made burger with cheese

Omelettes with hand cut chips and salad 1800rs
Sri Lankan with red onion, tomato and fresh green chilli
Cheese with tomato or red onion
Ham or bacon

Specials 2200rs
Spanish style with red onion and potato
Fresh prawn with curry leaf

Salads with fresh bread 2200rs
Nicoise tuna, olives, green beans and boiled egg
Crumbled feta with fresh water melon salad
Caesar style with bacon, croutons and grated mozzarella in a light dressing
Thai beef mixed salad
Hawaiian ham salad with pineapple and mixed salad
Fried cashew nut with curry leaf salad
Crunchy chicken with warm potato salad

Special 2500rs
Freshly cooked prawns salad with pineapple
Caesar style with chicken breast bacon, croutons and grated mozzarella

Pasta dishes 2200rs
Bolognaise sauce minced beef
Napoletana sauce fresh tomato sauce
Arrabatia spicy jalpeono and chilli
Spaghetti Aioli
Carbonara bacon and lightly creamed sauce

Special 2400rs
Prawn with garlic and tomato

Special 2800rs
Seafood extravaganza mixed seafood

*Plus 10% service charge


Nibbles or Sides 1000rs
Stack of papadums with mango chutney and onion sambal
Very garlicky toast
Plate Handcut chips
Fresh coconut roti bread
Grilled ratatouille vegetables with crumbled feta
Kankun fried with garlic

green and healthy spinach
Chopped finely With fresh parsley and garlic

Special 1400rs
Cashew nuts freshly dry fried with curry leaf

First Courses 1400rs
Vegetable pakora with salad leaves
Crispy calamari served with garlic mayo
Tomato, red onion salad sprinkled with cut black olives and mozzarella
Vegetable spring rolls with soy dipping sauce
Traditional Sri Lankan fish balls mixed with green chillies and red onion
Brown onion soup finished with mozzarella crouton
Local style bruschetta with garlic, tomato and mozzarella topping

Specials 1800rs
Chicken satay skewers with peanut butter sauce
Garlic butter prawns served with fresh lime
Panko crumb fried Bentota blue water prawns- with sweet chili sauce

Specials 1800rs
Chicken satay skewers with peanut butter sauce
Garlic butter prawns served with fresh lime
Panko crumb fried Bentota blue water prawns- with sweet chili sauce

Main Courses 2800rs
Sticky jerk chicken breast coated with lime, honey and red chilli
Marinated pork chops with cinnamon, honey and pineapple
Char-grilled Fillet of tuna served with stir fried vegetables
Spinach and curd pancakes baked in the oven with tomato sauce and béchamel
Hot and spicy calamari with tomato and chilli sauce served with pasta
Beef and pineapple kebabs with red onion and bell pepper
Lemon and garlic marinated seafood kebab with lemon butter sauce
Sword Fish fillet with saffron sauce served with spinach and potato rosti
Classic or vegetable lasagne served with side salad
Vegetable chop suey served with Chinese noodles and fried egg
Sri Lankan devil sweet and sour fish or chicken
Chicken breast cordon bleu with ham and cheese fried in breadcrumbs
Sri Lankan fried rice vegetable, chicken or prawn with frittata omelet
Parripu Daal curry with traditional pol sambal and mango chutney and papadum
Malu hodi traditional Sri Lankan spicy tuna fish curry and spiced vegetable
Thai red or green curry prawn, chicken or mixed vegetable
Cadju cashew nut and green pea curry served with sweet aubergine and pineapple, papadum
and mango chutney
Kiri Mala white seer fish curry made with coconut milk and spices
Pork ananas curry with papadum and mango chutney
Fajita’s chicken or vegetable

Handcut chips, creamy mash, basmati rice, vegetable rice, fresh vegetables or salad

Recommendation (minimum of 1-2 hours notice)
Traditional Sri Lankan Buffet (For minimum of 2 people)

Choice of 2 main dishes chicken, fish, pork, beef or prawns. Separate bowls vegetables and sambols, basmati rice or red rice and papadum and mango chutney. (3200rs per person)

Mixed grill Pork chop. Steak, chicken, sausage, bacon, fried egg, tomato and chips 6000rs

Surf and Turf local beef fillet steak and Blue water tiger prawns with with hand cut chips 6500rs

North Indian style Chicken tandoori breast with spiced rice and cucumber raita 3200rs

Steak frites With local beef tenderloin with salad 3200rs

Whole Indian ocean fish Grilled with Asian spices 3600rs

Jumbo prawns 500g Grilled with garlic or tandoori style 4300rs

Tiger prawns 500g Grilled with garlic or chilli 6100rs

Fresh Lobster Grilled with garlic 6500rs

Singapore “Chilli crab” for 2 people with vegetable noodles 14000rs total 2 people

The “Seafood Platter” for 2 people Seafood in the Sri Lankan style, lobster, jumbo prawns, Tiger prawns, cuttlefish and fish 13000rs total 2 people

All seafood served with tomato salad and fresh coconut roti bread and garlic butter

Suckling pig (min 6 people) Marinated with cardamom, cinnamon and coriander roasted all day on a spit in the garden
*Price on request

*Plus 10% service charge